Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023

Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023

Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023: Breaking boundaries and igniting innovation

Welcome to the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023, where emerging technologies take centre stage, and new-age start-ups, large corporates, and techies converge.

Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023: Breaking boundaries and igniting innovation

Tuesday November 28, 2023,

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The Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS) 2023 is a global congregation where innovation knows no bounds. With the theme 'Breaking Boundaries,' this year's summit promises to be a nexus of technological brilliance, bringing together leaders, startups, investors, and research labs from over 30 nations. This annual summit is set to take place from November 29 to December 1, 2023, at Bangalore Palace, Bengaluru.

As the 26th edition of this annual summit, Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS) continues to evolve into a global meeting ground where the pulse of innovation beats strong. It serves as a catalyst for collaboration, exploration, and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas. This year's theme underscores the summit's commitment to pushing the limits of what's possible in the tech realm.

Key highlights of BTS 2023

Chandrayaan 3 ISRO-Industry Pavilion: Pushing the limits of space innovation

An awe-inspiring star attraction awaits attendees—the Chandrayaan 3 ISRO-Industry Pavilion. As India opens its space sector to private industry, this pavilion symbolises a transformative era, showcasing ISRO's achievements and emphasising the pivotal role of startups, SMEs, and private industries in the success of the Chandrayaan-3 Mission. It's a testament to India's influence in the space domain, providing a platform for startups to contribute to the nation's stellar achievements.

Global tech powerhouse: Uniting minds, igniting collaboration

This event promises to give an opportunity to connect with the brightest minds globally as representatives from Australia, Denmark, Finland, NRW (Dusseldorf), Israel, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, the US, the UK, and many more countries participate. The global tech powerhouse is a gateway to a world where the sky's not the limit. Insights shared and collaborations fostered during the summit will resonate far beyond its confines, shaping the future of global innovation.

Innovation ecosystem: Catalysing startups and pioneering research

Explore India's vibrant research and development landscape with institutions like DRDO, ICMR, CDAC, BIRAC, IIAP, IIIT-B, and NRDC actively participating in this technological summit. This event provides attendees with a direct opportunity to engage with industry giants such as, Infosys, Bosch, Microsoft Startup, Cashfree, Builder AI, Biocon, and many more. This summit is not just about breaking boundaries; it's about redefining the landscape of innovation, providing unparalleled opportunities for collaboration across sectors and industries.

Startup revolution: Redefining the rules of the game

Dive into a dynamic startup ecosystem covering AI & ML, blockchain, cyber security, fintech, AR/VR, biotech, agritech, cleantech, digital learning, ecommerce, edutech, electronics, and more. The summit serves as a platform for startups to showcase their innovations, connect with industry leaders, and pave the way for groundbreaking collaborations.

States of India & tech pavilions: Showcasing regional tech prowess

Attendees can get a chance to witness a showcase from all over the country, including states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra, displaying their tech prowess, alongside Expo Pavilions like BBC, Biotech, ELCIA, STPI, and Voice Consortium. With over 70 sessions, 400+ speakers, 350+ startups, 600+ exhibitors, and 20,000+ business attendees, the summit sets the stage for an unparalleled exploration of innovation and collaboration, transcending geographical boundaries.

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