Picsart Introduces Over 20 AI Tools to Enhance Digital Content Creation

Picsart's latest innovation, Ignite, features over 20 advanced AI tools, revolutionizing digital content creation for both businesses and individual creators, enhancing creativity and efficiency

Picsart Introduces Over 20 AI Tools to Enhance Digital Content Creation

Friday November 10, 2023,

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Picsart, a company widely known for its photo editing capabilities, is now expanding its horizons with the launch of Ignite – a comprehensive suite of more than 20 AI-powered tools aimed at revolutionising digital content creation. This new offering, available on both web and mobile platforms, is set to streamline the process of crafting digital content, catering to both individual and business needs.

Ignite stands as a significant addition to Picsart's existing AI tools, providing an integrated solution for creating and enhancing a variety of content, including social media posts, advertisements, and logos. This leap forward aligns with Picsart's vision that everyone has the potential to be a creator. Hovhannes Avoyan, the founder and CEO of Picsart, emphasised this belief, stating that their editing experience is designed to empower users with both powerful and accessible tools to bring their unique ideas to life.

The release of Ignite comes at a pivotal moment in the digital content landscape, where the integration of generative AI is becoming increasingly prominent. Picsart had previously introduced AI Writer, AI Image Generator, and AI Replace as part of its initial venture into AI-enabled tools. These tools allowed for the generation of written content, creative images from text prompts, and the alteration of image elements using AI.

With Ignite, Picsart elevates these capabilities. The suite includes advanced editing tools that enhance image clarity and sharpness, remove or add elements, and allow for background modifications. New AI filters further improve the quality of both videos and photos.

A standout feature of Ignite is its generative AI capabilities. Users can now create GIFs and stickers from text prompts, extend image boundaries, and generate personalised avatars from selfies. Notably, its GIF generation is powered by a text-to-video model developed by the company.

Picsart's focus also extends to aiding businesses and digital marketers. Ignite offers AI-driven tools for creating visually appealing QR codes, on-brand texts, logos, and comprehensive advertisements. One remarkable feature allows users to merge the artistic style of one image with the subject of another.

As digital content creation continues to evolve, driven by AI advancements, Picsart's Ignite positions itself as a key player in this rapidly growing market. With the global content creation market expected to reach $69.8 billion by 2030, Picsart's innovative approach with Ignite could play a significant role in shaping the future of digital content creation.

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