Poonam Gupta: Turning Waste Into an 800 Cr recycling Legacy

Read about Poonam Gupta, who transformed her struggle for employment in Scotland into a groundbreaking paper recycling company with a global footprint and an Rs 800 crore turnover.

Poonam Gupta: Turning Waste Into an 800 Cr recycling Legacy

Wednesday November 08, 2023,

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Poonam Gupta's story is not just about entrepreneurial success; it's a tale of resilience and innovation. Born in New Delhi on August 17, 1976, Poonam excelled in her studies from an early age, securing her place at esteemed institutions like Lady Irwin School, Delhi Public School, and Lady Shri Ram College. Her academic journey led her to earn an Honors degree in Economics followed by an MBA in International Business and Marketing, qualifications she attained from the prestigious Delhi University, FORE School of Management, and Maastricht School of Management.

A Rocky Start Abroad

After marrying Puneet Gupta in 2002, Poonam relocated to Scotland, envisioning a thriving career ahead. However, the job market proved challenging. Despite her qualifications and drive, she faced repeated rejections, an experience familiar to many immigrants worldwide.

Turning Trash into Treasure

It was during her quest for employment that Poonam noticed a consistent scene—piles of waste paper in offices. This observation sparked a business idea that would not only address environmental concerns but also create a new market opportunity. With an initial investment of Rs 1 lakh, supported by a Scottish Government scheme, Poonam founded PG Paper Company Ltd in 2003.

PG Paper Company Ltd: An Eco-Conscious Venture

Starting from her family residence in Kilmacolm, Poonam embarked on her mission to recycle scrap paper. Her company began by sourcing discarded paper from European and American companies. Today, PG Paper has expanded its reach to over 60 countries, including Scotland, Europe, America, and India, transforming waste into high-quality paper products.

A Success Story Spanning Decades

Now, at 47, Poonam Gupta's enterprise boasts an impressive turnover of Rs 800 crore. The once struggling job seeker has become a business magnate, working with numerous prestigious companies. PG Paper is a testament to the power of a single idea to change a life, and indeed, the industry. The company's nearly two-decade-long history is marked by growth and innovation, making Poonam Gupta a notable name in the international paper market.

Poonam Gupta's journey is more than a personal victory; it's an inspiring narrative for entrepreneurs and environmentalists alike. Her innovative approach to recycling has turned PG Paper Company Ltd into a beacon of sustainability and economic growth, proving that with determination and a keen eye for opportunity, one can turn even the most challenging situations into unparalleled success.