YouTube Steps Into Gaming: Playables Exclusive to Premium

From Streaming to Gaming: YouTube Premium's latest feature, Playables, introduces a world of games including Angry Birds and Daily Solitaire, directly in the app.

YouTube Steps Into Gaming: Playables Exclusive to Premium

Tuesday November 28, 2023,

2 min Read

YouTube has introduced a new feature for its Premium subscribers, known as "Playables." This initiative, rolled out in November 2023, is part of YouTube's strategy to attract more users to its paid Premium service. Here are the key aspects of this new offering:

Playables Feature: YouTube's "Playables" is a standalone section within the YouTube app. It represents YouTube's foray into gaming, allowing users to play games directly on the platform​​​​.

37 Mini-Games Built into the App: YouTube has developed 37 mini-games that are integrated into the app. These games do not require any additional download or installation, providing an easy and seamless experience for users. The games were initially tested in September with a select group of users before being made available to all Premium subscribers​​.

Game Variety: The games offered are primarily puzzle and arcade games. Some notable games include "Angry Birds Showdown," "Brain Out," "Daily Solitaire," "8 Ball," and "The Daily Crossword." These games are designed to be casual and enjoyable, suitable for short gaming sessions​​​​.

Availability and Access: YouTube Premium users can access these games for free as part of their subscription. The Playables feature is expected to be available until March 28, 2024, indicating a limited-time offer for this particular set of games​​.

YouTube's introduction of Playables is a strategic move to enhance the value proposition of its Premium subscription, possibly aiming to compete with other streaming platforms and gaming services. This move could also signal YouTube's increasing interest in the gaming sector, leveraging its massive user base and platform capabilities.