Navigating the Digital Frontier: Insights from leaders on the evolution of India's payment industry and global strategies

Industry leaders shed light on the transformative journey of India's digital payment landscape at TechSparks 2023 in Delhi.

Navigating the Digital Frontier: Insights from leaders on the evolution of India's payment industry and global strategies

Thursday December 14, 2023,

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In a recent panel discussion on the collaborative efforts shaping India's dynamic payment ecosystem, industry leaders shared valuable insights into the evolution of digital payments, customer experiences, and the challenges associated with global expansion.

The discussion was led by Ankit Gaur, Head of Online Merchant Business and Payment Gateway at PhonePe, and featured Paavan Nanda, Co-founder and CEO, WinZO Games; Anirudh Arun, Co-founder and COO, BluSmart; and Firoze Zia Hussain, CSO, Delhivery.

The Indian payment ecosystem

The panel highlighted the pivotal role played by collaboration among various industry stakeholders, emphasising how the synergy between demand generators, risk mitigators, and regulators has been the cornerstone of success.

Gaur, opening the discussion, pointed out that, "The Indian payment ecosystem has evolved from a solo act to a grand ensemble cast, with payment companies transforming from mere vendors to strategic partners. The cornerstone of this success lies in the collaborative efforts among industry stakeholders, including demand generators, risk mitigators, and regulators.”

Nanda, a serial entrepreneur with ventures in hospitality and gaming, shared his experience with the gaming industry's growth driven by the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). He described how the introduction of UPI transformed their microtransaction-based business model, allowing users to make small payments as low as two rupees, fostering trust and boosting user conversion rates.

“Our partnership with payment service providers extends to security, compliance, and customer support. In a business dealing with millions of transactions, real-time support and reliability are paramount. A 10-minute delay could result in substantial losses, not just in revenue but also in customer trust and loyalty,” he added.

Hussain, with a background in law enforcement and currently serving as the Chief Security Officer at Delhivery, shed light on the challenges posed by fraud in the payment ecosystem. He emphasised the need for proactive collaboration, coordination, and the integration of advanced technologies.

"From the massive shift to digital collections at Delhivery to the intricate dynamics of fraud prevention, the industry requires continuous coordination, technological advancements, and a robust risk framework. As we navigate this landscape, the integration of AI and ML becomes imperative for ensuring the safety and security of every transaction,” Hussain shared.

Customer experience in mobility

Arun, from BluSmart, a pioneer in electric ride-hailing, discussed the critical role of the payment experience in the overall customer journey. He highlighted the importance of a seamless and reliable payment process, aligning with the brand's promises of reliability, convenience, and comfort. Arun also stressed the need for a robust tech stack to ensure a frictionless experience for users.

"A reliable payment interface becomes an integral part of delivering on promises of reliability, convenience, and comfort. The ability to create a comfortable, predictable, and swift payment experience is essential in meeting the expectations of today's tech-savvy users.

Moreover, leveraging the payment stack allows for proactive measures to control on-ground experiences, prevent fraud, and tailor services based on user behaviour, enhancing overall efficiency and trust in the system,” Arun revealed.

Global expansion and payment innovations

In response to a question from the audience about expanding businesses beyond India, Nanda shared WinZO Games' recent venture into Brazil, citing the importance of aligning with the local payments ecosystem. He explained that understanding and adapting to the payment infrastructure of a new region is crucial for successful global expansion.

The panellists collectively stressed the significance of payments not just as a transactional element but as an integral part of the customer experience journey. They called attention to the ongoing collaboration between industry players, regulators, and technology providers to address fraud prevention and security challenges. As the discussion concluded, it became clear that the global expansion of businesses necessitates a nuanced understanding of each region's payment landscape to ensure seamless and secure transactions.

The discussion provided valuable insights into the ever-evolving world of digital payments, offering a glimpse into the collaborative efforts driving growth in the Indian payment ecosystem and strategies for navigating the global payments landscape.