The Art of Building a Personal Brand: Insights from Paras Tomar's Keynote

How does building a personal brand will help you with your brand's growth journey? Find out key insights from Paras Tomar’s keynote at TechSparks Delhi

The Art of Building a Personal Brand: Insights from Paras Tomar's Keynote

Thursday December 21, 2023,

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In an insightful session at Delhivery's D2C Playbook track during TechSparks Delhi, Paras Tomar, the CEO and Founder of Stud Muffyn, shared his views on building a robust personal brand.

Highlighting the essence of establishing a personal brand in today's digital landscape, Tomar spoke about the significance of authenticity and transparency. He emphasised the transformation of oneself into a brand, noting the emergence of influencers who shape their ventures around their personality. "Notably, in today's market, people buy into a personality, a lifestyle, rather than just a product," he said.

Capitalising virality of videos

The origin of Tomar’s brand stems from his deep connection with his Hindu heritage and his personal journey in skincare. He shared insights into how he capitalised on the virality of his TikTok content, rooted in traditional Ayurvedic skincare, that resonated with millions.

Tomar highlighted the importance of relatability, stating, "The audience's resonance with my authenticity and the lifestyle I represent played a pivotal role in establishing trust."

He also stressed upon the evolution of Nuskhe (home remedies) into tangible products. He highlighted the strategic process behind product creation, stating that virality of the videos gave him a fair idea of what audiences need, which helped him further develop the product.

However, he emphasised that while the initial attraction might be the personality, product credibility remains paramount for long-term success. "You might buy into my persona initially, but only a genuinely effective product will encourage repeat purchases," he added.

Intersection of personal growth and brand expansion

Tomar pointed out the need for continuous innovation and learning to sustain a brand's relevance. "Every day, I endeavour to learn something new, innovate, and weave it into my brand narrative. It's this constant evolution that fuels the brand's success," he added.

He also acknowledged the importance of trust and credibility, reiterating that popularity alone doesn't guarantee loyalty. "My team's commitment to delivering quality, backed by my personal belief in every product, nurtures the credibility that the audience seeks," he emphasised.

In conclusion, Tomar's keynote emphasised the fusion of personal identity with brand ethos and the crucial role of authenticity, trust, and product quality in building a successful personal brand.


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