Top 3 Fastest Growing Career Opportunities in 2024 according to LinkedIn

Delve into the dynamic job market of India in 2024, uncovering the top three careers that are reshaping the professional landscape: Closing Manager, Influencer Marketing Specialist, and Design Specialist.

Top 3 Fastest Growing Career Opportunities in 2024 according to LinkedIn

Wednesday January 31, 2024,

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In 2024, the Indian job market is witnessing significant changes, with a particular focus on three rapidly growing job roles, as identified by LinkedIn. These roles are Closing Manager, Influencer Marketing Specialist, and Design Specialist, each with growth rates surpassing 79%. This trend aligns with the increased job search activities observed on LinkedIn, reflecting a dynamic shift in the professional landscape.

Closing Manager

  • Role Overview: A Closing Manager oversees the final stages of transactions, ensuring that all aspects are completed efficiently and effectively. This role is critical in sectors where deals and contracts are prevalent.
  • Skills Required: Strong organisational and communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to manage complex processes are key for this position.
  • Growth Drivers: The demand for Closing Managers is likely fueled by the increasing complexity of business transactions and the need for specialised oversight in the final stages of deals.

Influencer Marketing Specialist

  • Role Overview: This role involves strategising and executing marketing campaigns that leverage the influence of social media personalities. It's a critical role in the modern digital marketing landscape.
  • Skills Required: Skills in social media strategy, content creation, data analysis, and understanding of various social media platforms are essential. Creativity and the ability to forge strong relationships with influencers are also crucial.
  • Growth Drivers: The surge in this role's demand reflects the growing importance of social media in marketing strategies and the effectiveness of influencers in reaching target audiences.

Design Specialist

  • Role Overview: Design Specialists focus on creating visual concepts and designs that meet specific commercial or promotional needs, such as in graphics, layouts, or other design elements.
  • Skills Required: Proficiency in design software, creativity, a strong sense of aesthetics, and an understanding of current design trends are necessary.
  • Growth Drivers: The increasing emphasis on visual branding and digital presence for businesses has likely contributed to the high demand for this role.

The growing preference for roles in design and creativity hints at a broader shift in job preferences and market needs. As the job market becomes more competitive, professionals are seeking roles outside their current industries or fields, showing a remarkable 79% openness to exploring new career paths.

Key skills in demand across these roles include problem-solving, AI skills, critical thinking, communication, and IT/web skills. The rapid advancements in AI have resulted in a 30% change in job skill requirements since 2015 in India. Professionals are adapting by altering their job search strategies and increasingly using AI to enhance the efficiency of their job hunt.