Microsoft to Upskill 100,000 Indian Developers in AI with AI Odyssey: Join Now!

Microsoft launches AI Odyssey, a ground-breaking initiative to upskill 100,000 Indian developers in AI technologies, revolutionizing the future of tech talent in India.

Microsoft to Upskill 100,000 Indian Developers in AI with AI Odyssey: Join Now!

Monday January 08, 2024,

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Microsoft has recently unveiled an ambitious plan called AI Odyssey, targeting the upskilling of 100,000 Indian developers in advanced AI technologies. This initiative marks a significant step towards nurturing tech talent in India and aligns with the global tech giant's commitment to driving innovation through education and skill development.

AI Odyssey is a month-long program, open to all interested individuals in India, regardless of their previous experience with AI. This inclusive approach demonstrates Microsoft's recognition of the diverse pool of potential talent in India and its intent to democratize access to cutting-edge AI learning.

The program consists of two main levels, each with a distinct focus and set of objectives. The initial level introduces participants to the Azure AI services, guiding them on how to develop and implement AI solutions for various scenarios. This phase is rich in educational resources, including code samples and comprehensive guides, aimed at equipping learners with practical AI skills.

The program's second level raises the bar by challenging participants to validate their AI skills through an online assessment comprising interactive lab tasks. Completing this level successfully awards them the newly introduced Microsoft Applied Skills credentials. This credential is a testament to their capability in solving real-world problems through AI.

One of the most exciting opportunities for those who complete both levels is the chance to win a VIP Pass to the Microsoft AI Tour in Bangalore. Scheduled for February 2024, this event is set to showcase the transformative potential of generative AI, featuring expert-led keynote sessions, demonstrations, and workshops.

Irina Ghose, the Managing Director of Microsoft India, highlighted the significance of AI in future innovation. She stressed India's pivotal role, given its rich pool of tech talent, and encouraged developers to contribute to AI solutions that bolster the Indian economy.

This strategic initiative by Microsoft is part of its broader mission to foster digital transformation in the age of intelligent cloud and intelligent edge. With a significant presence in India, Microsoft is well-positioned to contribute significantly to the country's technological progress and skill development in the AI domain.