Rannvijay Scores Big: Partially Exits Burger Singh with 10X Profits

From TV screens to the fast-food scene, Rannvijay Singha's partial exit from Burger Singh with 10X returns highlights the vibrancy and potential of Indian startups

Rannvijay Scores Big: Partially Exits Burger Singh with 10X Profits

Thursday January 18, 2024,

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TV star Rannvijay Singha has recently made a big move in the business world by cashing in on his investment in Burger Singh, a popular fast-food chain in India. He managed to earn ten times more than what he initially invested, showing his keen sense of business.

This exciting news comes just after Burger Singh got a significant financial boost. The company raised an undisclosed sum in a recent funding round led by Turner Morrison. This investment round valued the company at $52 million, a big jump from its $23 million valuation in July 2022. It's clear that Burger Singh is growing fast and gaining the trust of investors.

Rannvijay, known for his roles on TV and in movies, has been deeply involved in the business side of things in India. He chose to invest in Burger Singh back in 2015, seeing the potential in the company's unique approach to blending tasty Indian flavors with the style of global fast-food chains. Since then, Burger Singh has expanded rapidly, opening over 150 outlets in more than 65 cities, and competing with big international fast-food names.

Singha's decision to partially sell his stake in Burger Singh is more than just a business transaction. It shows his strategic thinking and his commitment to exploring different paths in the business world. He's not just an investor; he's been actively promoting the brand and connecting with customers, which has helped make Burger Singh a well-known name.

Apart from Burger Singh, Rannvijay has invested in other startups like Rage Coffee and Leverage Edu. His successful move with Burger Singh fits into a broader trend where investors are seeing good returns from their investments in Indian startups. This is a sign that the startup scene in India is strong and full of opportunities.

This big win for Rannvijay not only shows how successful Burger Singh has become but also highlights his skill as an investor. It's a big moment for the Indian food industry, proving that innovative ideas can lead to success. As Rannvijay explores new opportunities and Burger Singh continues to grow, everyone is watching to see what will happen next in this vibrant and promising market.

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