Your AI Pet, Your Rules: Snapchat+ Unveils Personalised Pets!

Snapchat+ takes a bold step with AI Bitmoji Pets, merging technology and entertainment. This new feature promises to redefine user engagement and set new trends in digital companionship.

Your AI Pet, Your Rules: Snapchat+ Unveils Personalised Pets!

Thursday January 25, 2024,

2 min Read

Snapchat+, a subscription tier of the popular social media platform Snapchat, is reportedly introducing a new feature that integrates generative AI to create Bitmoji Pets. This feature allows Snapchat+ subscribers, which number over 7 million, to add either real or imaginary Bitmoji pets to their Snap Map, enhancing the user experience with a personalised digital companion.

The implementation of AI in creating these Bitmoji Pets appears to be straightforward and user-friendly. Users can customise their digital pets according to their preferences, making the process engaging and creative. These pets then accompany the users in their Snap Map adventures, adding a fun and interactive element to the app. Snapchat's move to include AI-generated pets aligns with its history of innovative features, such as AR lenses for dogs and the "Dreams" tool.

This new offering is part of Snapchat's broader strategy to integrate AI into various aspects of the app. Snapchat+ already offers features like Generative AI Bitmoji Backgrounds, Chat Wallpapers, and the "My AI" chatbot. The introduction of AI Bitmoji Pets is another step in expanding the platform's AI capabilities, catering to the evolving interests and preferences of its user base.

While the Bitmoji Pets feature adds a unique and playful element to Snapchat, its long-term impact on user engagement and the overall social media landscape remains to be seen. It could potentially become a popular trend, reminiscent of the nostalgic Tamagotchi digital pets, or it might be viewed as a novel yet fleeting feature in the fast-paced world of social media.

The success of this feature will likely depend on how well it resonates with Snapchat's user base and whether it can sustain their interest over time. As Snapchat+ continues to grow and innovate, the introduction of AI Bitmoji Pets represents another creative attempt to enhance user interaction and enjoyment on the platform​

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