Toit's triumph: Decoding the ingredients of crafting success

Dive into Toit's success story, straight from an exclusive interview with its founders, as we decode the secret ingredients behind Bengaluru's iconic microbrewery triumph.

Toit's triumph: Decoding the ingredients of crafting success

Sunday January 14, 2024,

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Nestled in the vibrant cityscape of Bengaluru, a beacon of innovation and diversity, Toit emerges as a distinct name. Established in 2010, this microbrewery not only crafts exceptional brews but also stands tall as a symbol of success in the fiercely competitive Food and beverage (F&B) industry. What sets Toit apart from the rest, and what are the key elements that have fueled its enduring success?

Embarking on a comprehensive exploration, we embark on a journey of insights extracted from a compelling interview with Toit's visionaries – Sibi Venkataraju, Arun George, and Mukesh Tolani. This in-depth dialogue peels back the layers, revealing the essential factors that have propelled Toit to unparalleled success, offering a nuanced understanding of the brewery's remarkable journey and triumphs.

1. Visionary timing: Brewing success in a changing landscape

Toit's success story began with visionary timing. Recognising the changing licensing regulations in 2008 that allowed for microbreweries in India, founders Sibi, Mukesh, and Arun seized the opportunity. This foresight positioned Toit as a pioneer in the craft beer movement, setting the stage for its eventual success.

2. Diverse appeal: A space for all ages

One of Toit's undeniable strengths lies in its commitment to inclusivity. The founders consciously created an environment where all age groups, from children to grandparents, could feel welcome. By designing a menu and atmosphere that caters to a broad audience, Toit established itself as more than just a brewpub – it became a community hub.

"We wanted Toit to be more than just a brewpub; we envisioned it as a community hub, where everyone, from children to grandparents, could feel at home." - Arun George

3. Quality over quantity: Slow and steady wins the race

In a world that often glorifies rapid expansion, Toit took a different approach. The founders understood the importance of perfecting their product and culture in Bangalore before venturing into other cities. This emphasis on quality over quantity ensured that each Toit outlet maintained the same high standards, contributing to the brand's enduring success.

Toit brewing company

4. Innovative offerings: Crafting a unique identity

Toit's success isn't just about brewing great beers; it's about innovation. Introducing bottled craft beers, including unique varieties like Tinted Wit and Nitro Stout, showcased a commitment to staying ahead of the curve. By continuously offering something new and exciting, Toit has managed to captivate the evolving tastes of its customers.

5. Brand consistency: A trusted name

Consistency is the cornerstone of Toit's success. Whether in Bengaluru or Mumbai, customers can expect the same level of service, quality, and ambience. This brand consistency builds trust, turning first-time patrons into loyal customers. Toit's commitment to delivering a consistently exceptional experience has become synonymous with its brand.

6. Hands-on leadership: Personal touch matters

Despite Toit's growth, the founders remain actively involved in the business. This hands-on leadership ensures that the brand retains its authenticity. The personal touch of the founders creates a unique connection with customers and employees alike, fostering a sense of community and loyalty.

"Our personal touch is our strength. It creates a unique connection with our customers and employees, fostering a sense of community and loyalty." -Mukesh Tolani

7. Forward-thinking vision: Beyond boundaries

Toit's success isn't confined to the present; it's built on a forward-thinking vision. The founders express a desire to expand Toit's reach beyond Bangalore, with plans for outlets in other cities and even countries. This ambitious yet strategic vision demonstrates an understanding of the importance of long-term planning in sustaining success.

Unveiling Toit's triumph: A blend of passion, strategy, and perfection

As we sip on the craft beers that Toit has masterfully brewed, it's evident that success is not just about the final product but the journey and the commitment to excellence. Toit's triumph can be attributed to visionary timing, inclusivity, a focus on quality, innovation, brand consistency, hands-on leadership, and a forward-thinking vision. Aspiring entrepreneurs can find inspiration in Toit's story, realising that success is a blend of passion, strategy, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Cheers to Toit – a true embodiment of crafting success in every pint!

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