YourStory announces its first-ever Bharat AI Conclave

Join the inaugural Bharat AI Conclave in Bengaluru, a pivotal event reshaping India's AI landscape. Experience the confluence of ideas, innovation, and discussions aimed at elevating India's role in the global AI arena.

YourStory announces its first-ever Bharat AI Conclave

Friday January 12, 2024,

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In a world where technology drives progress, YourStory proudly announces its first edition of the Bharat AI Conclave, a groundbreaking event set to redefine India's Artificial Intelligence landscape. Scheduled to take place on March 2024, in Bengaluru, this conclave promises to be a significant milestone.

Since its inception in 2008, YourStory has been at the forefront of narrating the dynamic story of startups and entrepreneurship in India. With a legacy of successful events, including TechSparks, SheSparks, and Brands of India. YourStory has been instrumental in fueling innovation and growth within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Bharat AI Conclave is a natural extension of this journey, bringing together the brightest minds in AI to drive forward-thinking and progress in this crucial sector. It will serve as a platform for thought-provoking discussions, groundbreaking presentations, and collaborative opportunities, setting the stage for the next wave of technological advancements in India. This event not only marks a new chapter in YourStory's journey but also signifies a leap forward in India's quest to become a global leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Why Bharat AI Conclave:

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a distant future; it is the present that is rapidly reshaping industries across the globe. With the AI market projected to soar to $190 billion globally by 2025 and a potential contribution of $957 billion to the Indian economy by 2035, the need for a dedicated platform to harness and nurture AI's transformative power has never been more crucial. The Bharat AI Conclave, happening this March in Bengaluru, addresses this need precisely.

YourStory's Unique Position:

YourStory's platform reaches over 20 million active users each month, primarily consisting of founders, CXOs, and top-level executives. With a rich history of organizing over 650 flagship events bringing together thought leaders, innovators, and change-makers under one roof where ideas are exchanged, partnerships are formed, and future trends are shaped. and a substantial social media presence, YourStory is uniquely positioned to unite the brightest minds in AI in India this March.

The Conclave Experience:

This exclusive one-day tech gathering in Bengaluru transcends traditional events; it's a melting pot of ideas and innovations. Our goal is to:

  • Creating a unified platform for all key players in India's AI landscape to stimulate collaborations, debates, and discussions.
  • Fostering nationwide representation and inclusive participation, from startups to tech giants.
  • Engaging with policymakers to influence AI's future.
  • Showcasing pioneering AI advancements from across India through interactive experiences and exhibits.

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Join Us in Shaping the Future:

The Bharat AI Conclave in Bengaluru is more than an event; it's a catalyst for change, an epicenter of innovation, and a testament to India's potential on the global AI stage. Industry leaders, potential sponsors, and AI enthusiasts are invited to join this transformative journey.

YourStory eagerly anticipates your participation and support in making the Bharat AI Conclave in Bengaluru a landmark event that will set the stage for India's AI-powered future.