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Flipspaces delivers new office for Bharat Financial Inclusion Limited in record time

Design tech brand Flipspaces combines proprietary VR technology with design and delivery expertise to design and build the new office of Bharat Financial Inclusion Limited (BFIL).

Flipspaces delivers new office for Bharat Financial Inclusion Limited in record time

Friday April 12, 2024 , 3 min Read

Flipspaces, a leader in innovative workspace design and build, recently delivered 100,000 sq ft for Bharat Financial Inclusion Limited (BFIL), a 100% subsidiary of IndusInd Bank Ltd in Hyderabad.

Nestled in Raheja Commerzone, Raidurg, one of the prime commercial hubs of Hyderabad, the office spans multiple floors and is the new headquarters for the microfinance giant. The transformation included end-to-end scope of space designing, product and material supply, and project execution services.

The new office speaks volumes about the well-researched design, customised products, and workmanship quality. The journey started with immersive engagement with the BFIL team, including extensive focus group discussions to grasp the diverse aspirations across multiple stakeholders. This research-driven approach served as the cornerstone for coming up with the winning formula: a vibrant, biophilic, and rural-themed design. These three themes are beautifully integrated in every nook of the office across meeting rooms, reception, workstation bays, and breakout areas. 

At the entrance to the office, rural-themed murals showcase the various facets of rural India, reiterating the fact that BFIL aims to work towards its empowerment. The meeting rooms showcase the art and culture of various states where BFIL is operational through interesting wall graphics and artifacts.


Biophilia is a common thread in high density zones such as workstation areas; the natural greens create a soothing effect. Across the office, colour blocking helps break the monotony with the use of vibrant hues.

The tech differentiator

Flipspaces’s proprietary virtual reality technology proved to be the differentiator in the entire design process. From creating quick 3D renders to selecting materials, finishes and products from the integrated supply chain platform and creating virtual walkthroughs of designs, this technology aided before-time delivery and zero-error process.

Flipspaces delivers new office for Bharat Financial Inclusion Limited in record time

Post the design stage, the project execution process adopted by Flipspaces was disruptive and the first of its kind for the industry. It involved the creation of on-site mock-ups that epitomised the company's commitment to surpassing expectations and delivering quality. Leveraging its proprietary VR technology, Flipspaces facilitated seamless coordination between design, execution, and real-time remote project monitoring, resulting in efficient project delivery and minimal disruptions.

Flipspaces' templated product repository also played a pivotal role in simplifying the procurement process, offering a comprehensive catalogue of products and materials integrated with its technology stack. This streamlined decision-making and enhanced project agility, contributing to the overall success of the project.

"We are immensely proud of our collaboration with BFIL," said Kunal Sharma, Founder and CEO of Flipspaces. "This project underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions that exceed expectations and create transformative work environments."


The team that worked on the project included principal architect Shagun Gupta, and a project delivery team comprising Ashish Kumar, Diwakar Sharma, and Sourabh Surage.

Vikash Anand, Co-Founder, Flipspaces, said the significance of “this collaboration and the rapid execution of the newly designed office space is a game-changer in the interior design and build industry”.

A standout feature of this project was Flipspaces' personalised approach, seamlessly integrating with BFIL's administrative and project teams. This hands-on involvement fostered effective collaboration, expediting approvals and ensuring a smooth project journey.

Santosh Upadhyay, Executive Vice President and Head – Corporate Services, BFIL, said the new workspace is a contemporary haven, embracing innovation in every square foot. “Successfully transitioning from a conventional setup to a contemporary workspace, our new home reflects our values, encourages creativity, and represents forward-thinking. Heartfelt thanks to the Flipspaces team for their expertise, dedication and record time delivery!”

The successful culmination of Flipspaces’s latest project reinforces its position as a pioneer in innovative workspace design and build and sets new benchmarks for excellence in the industry.