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Google vs OpenAI: The battle for search engine supremacy

OpenAI is rumoured to launch its AI-powered search engine soon which will be a direct competitor to the tech giant Google Chrome. Here is everything you need to know!

Google vs OpenAI: The battle for search engine supremacy

Wednesday May 08, 2024 , 3 min Read

Google is currently the most widely used search engine in the world, holding more than 90% of the market share as reported by Statcounter. We can search for anything at any time thanks to Google. It has significantly outperformed other search engines in the market with its sophisticated search algorithm. Although other rivals such as Baidu, Microsoft Bing, Yandex and Yahoo also have a significant user base, Google has consistently remained the top choice for most internet users.

Now, there is a new competitor in town- Sam Altman's ChatGPT-based search engine. Here's what OpenAI is launching soon that will stand face-to-face with tech giant Google.

OpenAI's search engine

Sam Altman

A post on Y Combinator’s Hacker News community brought light to OpenAI's new venture. The company has reportedly registered the domain called “” with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security certificate. Right now, this particular domain leads to a webpage saying "Not Found".

What is more interesting is this project is speculated to launch this week somewhere around May 9th according to Tipster @nonmayorpete on X. However, the news so far has not been confirmed but if it is true, it means OpenAI is ready to make its mark in a highly competitive landscape with big players like Google, Bing AI and Perplexity AI.

While an AI-powered search engine may seem like a new idea, it has already been introduced. Launched in 2022, Perplexity AI is an AI-chatbot-powered search engine where users share their queries and it brings relevant websites and data. Surprisingly, Perplexity AI utilises Bing AI for web indexing. This function could also be seen in the rumoured ChatGPT search engine.

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Early user reactions

As the rumours started to spread, early users started to post their opinions on platforms like Reddit. So far, the idea of a ChatGPT-based search engine is welcomed since the AI bot does not clog users with advertisements. However, some fear that OpenAI's search engine may be blocked or could show promoted results and ads in the future for revenue.

What is important to note is that many websites have blocked the GPT bot. For instance, platforms like YouTube have stopped the use of ChatGPT to summarise the transcript. There has been a detailed study by on websites that have blocked AI bots.

Google Vs OpenAI: Which tech company will win the AI race

Recently, the CEO Sundar Pichai consolidated his team to accelerate the creation of AI products at the company. This may not be surprising as Google wants to introduce user-friendly and in-demand generative AI products faster than its rivals.

In fact, Pichai is nearing the billionaire status amidst the AI boom which is a rare milestone achieved by a non-founder. After being appointed as a CEO in 2015, the stocks have surged to around 400%. On the other hand, Sam Altman became a billionaire this year in April but the reason was not because of OpenAI but his investments.

Both Google and OpenAI have launched generative AI bots. According to Altman, their chatbot gets 100 million users every week whereas Google's Gemini boasts 330.9 million monthly users.

The emergence of OpenAI's ChatGPT as a formidable contender in the search engine arena marks a significant milestone in the evolution of AI-powered technology. With its innovative approach and potential to revolutionise user experience, ChatGPT stands poised to challenge Google's longstanding dominance. As the countdown to its anticipated launch ensues, the tech world eagerly awaits the unfolding of this new chapter in the ongoing saga of AI-driven innovation. Only time will tell how ChatGPT will reshape the digital landscape and redefine the future of online search.