Aayush Poddar

I am an Entrepreneur at heart & love working on new ideas & concepts that are Innovative & Scalable in nature. I am looking to- 1) Connect & Interact with people having a Tech background to build a relationship with the eventual possibility of working together. 2) Connect with Entrepreneurs to discuss & Brainstorm Content & Social Media driven Start ups. 3) Connect with Industry Leaders who are looking to Mentor a Startup with great traction & high growth potential in the field of Social Media Network. I am currently working on Daily Suvichar which is a Spiritual Social Media Platform that enables users to Discover Thought Leaders (Like Astrologers, Yoga Gurus, Motivation Gurus, Pandits, Ayurveda preachers etc.) based on Location & Specialisation as well as Discover Spiritual Content based on Individual User Interest. I have a 3 year experience in Automotive Components Manufacturing industry & have worked in countries like India, Japan & Netherlands. If you would like to get in touch with me feel free to send me a message on LinkedIn or email at [email protected].