Abhinav Arora

Abhinav Arora is a Digital Content Creator and Co-Founder at Scenes by Avalon. Abhinav Arora is a young enthusiastic and dynamic entrepreneur who has, by virtue of his dexterity and talent, created a space for himself in the industry. Having an unparalleled insight into cyber psychology, an obsession for technology and numerous start-up experiences, Abhinav jolted his potential by co-founding Scenes by Avalon. Scenes by Avalon is a sensational digital platform that encapsulates everything from drop-in audio to discussions with other members, to forums, to gaming channels to mentoring independent content creators, social media influencers, brands and start-ups, connecting like-minded people, and catering to communities of all shapes and sizes. Abhinav was sold to his passion for entrepreneurship early in life, when he first entered the incubator facility at Manipal Institute of Technology where he graduated from. While still in college, Abhinav started his own mental-health start-up called Soul Slam. It was during this endeavour, as Abhinav reminisces, the moment when he recognised the power of digital. The 25-year old has managed over $2M+ in advertising spends across clientele in his career so far. It was during his college days when Abhinav came across like-minded Varun Mayya and Shashank Udupa. The trio went on to build Avalon Labs where they started selling services like software development and digital marketing and invested in various start-ups like Foxbound and Mana Network to name a few. It was through this venture that the idea of Scenes by Avalon came into existence. With Varun Mayya as Founder and Shashank Udupa and Abhinav Arora as Co-Founders, the app has already surpassed 10 million voice minutes since its launch, engaging over 60,000+ users and 2000+ live communities. Recently, the app received its seed funding from the likes of Kunal Shah, Tanmay Bhat, Gaurav Munjal, Kalyan Krishnamurthy as well as giants like Tanglin Ventures, Better Capital, Whiteboard Capital, iSeed Ventures and Blume Founders Fund.