Aditya Malik

Aditya Malik is the Founder and CEO of A startup mentor at CII, Aditya founded in August 2022. In addition, he is also a member of KoinX’s (a crypto-taxation startup) Board of Directors. A computer engineer from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Aditya embraces over two decades of experience in SaaS product development and the service industry. With intense zeal and a highly focused approach, he started his career with a solo bootstrapped software venture that he grew into a full-fledged firm of over 100+ people before exiting after running it for almost 12 years. Besides, he has also worked in distant geographies (in ASEAN and Australia). This exposure to global scenarios gave him a cross-cultural understanding. His last three companies range from early startups that have grown into tech giants such as Freshworks and Marketsandmarkets, to conventionally structured corporations such as Informatica. A thought leader, mentor, advisor, and coach with rich techno-business experience ranging from market-gap analysis to product/service conceptualisation, GTM orchestration, board management, to overall P&L, Aditya’s superpower is to help build moats for businesses he is involved with. Infused with enthusiasm, Aditya aims to address the challenges in the HR space by rightly providing recruiters with what they are looking for through an AI-enabled platform– that evaluates and validates information with the help of Machine Learning.