Aditya Prasad

Mr. Aditya Prasad is the Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer at OkCredit. After graduating from IIT Kanpur in 2014 and interning at several companies, Aditya Prasad found his true calling in entrepreneurship. Aditya firmly believes in the proverb; Necessity is the mother of invention and decided that technology can help a billion lives. Thus Aditya Prasad, Harsh Pokharna and Gaurav Kumar founded OkCredit, Digital India ka Digital Bahi Khata. OkCredit makes the bookkeeping task simpler, digitized, and secure for small businesses. The app helps them to keep track of credit transactions, both payables, and receivables. He is currently acting as Chief Technology Officer at OkCredit. Prior to OkCredit, Aditya interned at Hitachi, Baba Atomic Research Center and National Informatics Center. He also worked as a Data Scientist for Fuzzy Logix and as a Product Manager and Android Architect for Reliance Payment Solutions Limited (JioMoney) for a couple of years. Additionally, he co-founded ClanOut, an app for people to discover and join their nearby friends' plans, with the same OkCredit founding team in December 2015. Aditya Prasad has been featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 and Asia 2020 list. Aditya has a plethora of interests such as Music, Anime, Science Fiction, Guitar, Swimming, Movies and Physics.