Aftab Malhotra

Aftab is the Co-founder of GrowthEnabler, a venture providing data, research and intelligence on disruptive technologies and digital innovations from the global startup economy. Aftab regularly speaks at global events on a variety of topics, including Diversity in Tech, Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets, Startup Growth and Investment, Executive Engagement, and Decision Making in Business. Aftab Malhotra spearheaded the “Diversity Economics” movement in London, and is the Co-founder and Chairman of WOW Talks Global, and chairperson and co-founder of the TLA India (part of the Tech London Advocates Group, a private sector tech lobby group, with 3,500 tech leaders), and also holds advisory board positions with not-for-profit groups in the technology and economic progression industry such as MEF Global Forum and Gledcon.