Ajay Shetty

Ajay Shetty is the founder of Salud Beverages – an urban lifestyle brand that is changing the ready-to-drink landscape. 'Salud' is a Spanish word that means 'cheers', and it encapsulates the brand's idea of creating new ways to celebrate life in a modern, uncomplicated, non-conforming way. Salud is all about giving people fresh, exciting, responsible and value-for-money ways to party and celebrate – "Life 2.0", as they call it. Ajay Shetty's vision for Salud is a global, aspirational lifestyle brand with its ethos spread across a range of ready-to-drink, alcoholic and non-alcoholic and craft spirits. Alongside theexclusive fashion and lifestyle Salud Merchandise line, and the Salud Sessions music label. Salud is headquartered in Bengaluru – chosen for it rich, Cosmopolitan culture, alongside a government-mandated market which means quick feedback, allowing the brand to quickly adapt to changes on the ground, and serve the market better, by giving consumers exactly what they're looking for, when they want it. As of March 2021, Salud Beverages had raised USD 1.1 million. The VC fund, comprising actors and HNIs, has to its credit serial entrepreneur and leading Indian actor Rana Daggubati, former Managing Director of Microsoft India, Srinivas Koppolu and others backed by Prasad Vanga’s Anthill Ventures. Says Ajay Shetty, ”We are a focused brand striving to put Indiaon the map amongst the best countries in the world to produce some of the finest spirits including bottled cocktails, craft spirits, non-alcoholic beverages and more. That is just the beginning. We will continue to innovate with products and experiences that will build an 360-degree Salud lifestyle experience, and create a loyal consumer base”. The Salud journey has just begun, but has already taken off, thanks to Ajay Shetty's vision, and the successful team that he has built comprising a vital mix of experience and youthful exuberance. Talking about his personal journey, Ajay Shetty says, "I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, even though I started out in the finance world. My experience as an ex-banker with the likes of Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch gave me a firm grounding in how financial markets operate globally, having received my experience in New York and Hong Kong. This stood me in good stead when I decided to strike out on a different path. I took the business knowledge I had gained, combined it with my love for wine, and started Myra Vineyards in 2011. Even after a successful exit through the VisVires Capital, I continued the transformation from a wine brand to a lifestyle brand. I then decided, why not do it again, with Salud Beverages"