Akriti Mattu

Born amidst snow clad Himalayas in the dreamy town of Shimla, I am a maverick by heart. Recipient of 2 Gold Medals for academics, a couple of national level Fellowships and a plethora of business opportunities from India & the world, I have committed myself to innovation, resolution and community building from the past 6 years. I also happen to be the Founder of a Startup that is amongst the World’s Top 100 budget travel sites in 2021.

Currently running various major and mini ventures based out of India's startup hub - Bangalore. Endeavouring to make an honest living out of the many skills learnt so far. I've always believed that the world is a beautiful place but only for those who are able to break the stereotypes and discover the true splendour. My journey to experience the magic of the world began long time back. Now it's time to span it out and share it with all of you wonderful people :)