Akshat Gupt

Akshat Gupt is the Co-Founder & CCO at Supari Studios. Akshat has been fascinated with the magic of storytelling ever since he was a little boy. From being the star performer at family gatherings to channeling his pent up energy towards filmmaking, Akshat’s creativity has manifested itself in many shapes and forms over the years. But it was only in 2011—after a transformative summer at Prague Film School led him to a student showcase at the Cannes Film Festival—did he start taking his natural talents seriously. At 22, Akshat joined hands with his 26-year-old brother Advait to tap the internet as a medium to tell impactful stories for brands. A self-taught editor and director, Akshat used the lessons he learnt and the skills he honed as a solo content creator to build Supari Studios. Today, Akshat is the Co-founder and CCO of Kulfi Collective, a modern media network that brings together talent and technology to create content around the passions of Gen Y & Gen Z audiences in the country. Over the last nine years, apart from building three content ventures (Supari Studios, Post Office and Keeda Media), Akshat has directed and creatively led more than 300 branded and original content projects that have been viewed almost half a billion times online for brands such as Redbull, Estee Lauder, Disney+ Hotstar and Cred. They include a 60-min long feature documentary on the early life and rise of one of India’s biggest rappers, Divine, and a Webby award-winning series called Dopplegangers, that draws parallels between India’s traditional sports and their modern counterparts. Akshat was on Forbes Asia’s Under 30 list in 2016 and is one of the first and youngest Indian creators to have won a Webby Award. As the right brain and voice of creative reason behind Kulfi Collective, Akshat is always pushing the boundaries of his imagination—as well as that of those around him - to help shape the future of content and tell stories around the passions of young Indians.