Amandeep Panwar

Amandeep Panwar, the Director and Co-founder of BharatRohan, is an aeronautical engineering alumnus of Babu Banarasi Das National Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow. His academic background in aeronautical engineering forms the foundation of BharatRohan's technological advancements in agriculture. Amandeep's leadership drives the company's cutting-edge UAV/drone technology and hyperspectral imaging, which aims to transform agriculture from intuition-driven to data-driven. His vision extends to delivering safe, residue-free food products to the global market and ensuring long-term value to shareholders. By focusing on vertical integration and providing residue-free farm products to lucrative export markets, BharatRohan is establishing a reputable brand identity. Above all, Amandeep's mission centres on empowering and ensuring the prosperity of farmers while maintaining a holistic approach to sustainability.