Amit Srivastava

Mr. Amit Srivastava, the Founder, Nutrify India is considered a thought leader and a visionary in the Indian Nutraceutical industry. His advocacy about innovation in the industry and his ground work to create a regulatory framework that will create an environment to building a vibrant start up ecosystem in the nutraceuticals space in India is well respected among industry associations and government corridors. Amit is a trendsetter and took on Nutrify India as a part of his commitment in building a responsible nutrition ecosystem to help boost the industry through innovative clusters spread across India and other countries. His recently launched project-HI BHARAT (Health Ingredients-Bio-harmonized applications in rejuvenation and therapeutics ) under which he has brought innovators, industry leaders, research labs together to deliver high tech well documented clinically tested ingredients, and formulations has gotten off to a flying start. In a display of his commitment to serve HI BHARAT and Nutrify India, he quit the prestigious position as Board of Director and CEO of mega Nutraceutical, biotech and medtech convergence incubation hub- Biovalley Incubation Council- An initiative of several government bodies in India. At Biovalley Incubation Council Amit was in pursuit of developing smart technologies through research teams and also mentored start-ups in nutraceuticals to build capacity of country and to deliver high tech clinical nutrition (Ingredients and formulations) companies and generate wealth through high value IPRs and create employment opportunities. Under HI BHARAT and Nutrify India program, Amit has created the foundation of startups progressing to be a USD 133 million venture by 2023. Amit is one of the leaders from Nutraceuticals industry with extensive experience in Nutraceutical Ingredients/Medical Foods, in domestic and international markets.Amit Srivastava calls himself as responsible nutrition Protagonist/ Evangelist & a passionate Phoodhacker, who believes in hybridizing precision of pharmaceutical science and the food science to hack the bio-system to modify a favorable health outcome. Amit Srivastava is also the founder of Responsible nutrition association of India and an advisor to Nutraingredients Asia Pacific committee. He has successfully developed and launched new products across the globe; enhanced sales and profitability of established product lines and managed acquisitions and corporate alliances along with being a driving force to the licensing of proprietary technologies and augmented start-up businesses in nutraceutical ingredients and formulations.