Amit Srivastava

Amit Srivastava is the CEO of Smollan India. Amit has been proudly leading Smollan’s business in India, while ensuring the company legacy stays intact. In his role as the CEO, he has been responsible for diversification of Smollan’s India profile into various retail domains like Beverage, Confectionery, Lubricants, FMCG, Healthcare, amongst others and Smollan now works with the category leaders of the all these segments. A key driver behind Smollan’s people growth story, Amit transcends his passion to the team. As a leader, Amit focuses on continuous learning and strives to empower the team by guiding them towards the bigger picture and leading from the front. Amit does not take things at their face-value and is not easily satisfied which has also helped him channelize the team to wear the business hat across functions and making them believe that they can deliver. In an industry that is still talking about ‘minimum wage’, Amit believe that there needs to be a positive shift and people should start focusing on ‘living wage’. He is on a quest to organise the un-organised and ensure that the people who make last-mile delivery happen are taken care of. It’s this deep-diving and intriguing nature that helps him learn, adopt and analyse from the given situation and emerge as a winner.