A startup enthusiast, on a mission to help Business-owners, Founders and Entrepreneurs build a design-centric organization, which shall lead towards meaningful innovations and create product and solutions to improve daily human life.

Started my entrepreneurial journey from mid-2017 by working for an Edu-Tech product in a stealth mode, continuing the journey I joined 'papwork' (A paperwork automation tool, ) as a co-founder. We are building the product and very sooner we are launching the MVP. Hmm, the journey took over and I founded WOP.COMPANY. Early 2018 the seed and the development started and we are in a consistent growth stage.

At WOP.COMPANY We are on our mission to help 100 Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Extrapreneurs succeed in their Software development, Advertising, and Business goals through our ecosystem. So If you are an entity looking for a trusted partner, who can own the problem, experiment, invest and deliver technology solutions. WOP INNOVATION SUITE is your solution. The tagline goes like this: Your Vision, Our Mission.

At WOP we aim at expediting the early adoption of new inventions to create win-win situations both to its inventors and to the businesses. Continuing my journey currently, I'm playing a key partner/stakeholder in all the three startups. serves as a platform for the Entrepreneurs to help them succeed in transcending their business vision into physical existence. Lets Start-UP.