Anand JS

I am a storyteller turned business writer when being independent became a need rather than “Freedom”. I started out as a B2B business writer and worked my way up equipping myself with all the essential skills required to thrive as a content and copywriter. Today, I write business profiles, proposals, web copy, blogs, and many other forms of content and copies that you need to connect with your audience. And I am proud of what I do and what I can offer.

I believe every writer has their strength and weakness. And I would like to open up to you that my strength lies in invoking emotions without compromising the rationality of the audience. And my weakness lies in trying to perfect copies again and again. Yes, I spent a lot of time perfecting my writing. But, no worries. I am good at meeting deadlines.

My watchwords in the content have always been simplicity, clarity, brevity, and humanity. And I am also a strong advocator of the same. Over the past four years, I have written for various business and tech magazines across the globe, including The Technology Headlines, APAC Entrepreneur, APAC Business Headlines, and many more.

While I enjoy being part of the growing writing industry, I am also strengthening my profile by learning new things, such as content marketing. My free time is dedicated to learning the nitty-gritty of content marketing.