Ankit Kansal

Mr. Ankit Kansal As a serial entrepreneur, he is known for having inherent knack for identifying potential business opportunities, building successful models around it, and scaling them to new heights. After iterations of successful businesses in the lifestyle, home decor, trading, and fashion domain; he has diversified into real estate in 2014. As a Co-Founder and Managing Director of 360 Realtors, Mr. Kansal has been the principal force behind the success of the real estate advisory. Under his able guidance, 360 Realtors has morphed into a 1000+ employee organization and have resulted into 15,000+ happy customers. Besides 360 Realtors, he is also the Co-Founder and Current Managing Director of 360 XLR8, Rosemoore, Foyer, Renaissance Creations Pvt. Ltd. and Indsource International.