Anshul Goenka

A management professional with a passion for leveraging new-age technologies and processes, Anshul Goenka has pursued MBA from Symbiosis University and Leeds University (UK). He is currently the Co-founder and CEO of Quickshift, which is one of the fastest growing ecommerce fulfilment services companies in India, which helps new age and D2C brands scale across the country. Started in 2018, Quickshift has scaled across five cities across India, with 90-member strong team on board. Over the last two years, the team has grown 10x with 100+ brands in its portfolio, setting industry benchmarks across various metrics. Prior to Quickshift, Anshul was a consultant with Dencowear, a workswear brand in the UK, and over the past few years, have spent significant time in understanding how business/startups operate and scale. His specialties include sales and marketing, technology applications, P&L management, team building, and networking. If not work, then he loves spending time researching and learning (books, audio, documentaries), exploring new places and travelling, analysing complex problem statements, and solving them at large.