Aparna Dubey

Aparna Dubey is the Founder of Changing Orbits. Aparna brings to her clients a rich mix of experience and knowledge that derive from her corporate and entrepreneurial background. Her twenty-six year corporate career grew through varied responsibilities and achievements with, first, the Reliance group (Fortune 500, and Asia’s leading business group), and following the restructuring of that group, with the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG). This was followed by her foray into mid market advisory services as a managing partner in Taj Capital Partners, India. She then went on to set up her independent consulting practice, Changing Orbits. From almost immediately after joining Reliance having completed her MBA, Aparna was closely allied in her functions with the top levels of management of Reliance Capital, the country’s largest Non-Bank Finance Company. Throughout her stint with the Reliance group and with the Reliance ADAG entities, she led implementation of management vision on key structural, operational and above all strategic issues. Thereafter, over the last six years, she has focused on sharing her insights, acumen and experience in guiding aspirational mid sized companies towards achieving and realizing their vision. Aparna tested out her entrepreneurial skills in 2006. She co-owned and managed a mid-market investment advisory firm, Taj Capital Partners based in Delhi and Mumbai, during which she worked actively on deals involving the media sector (print, television, online), IT product companies, diversified Indian business groups, education and microfinance. She oriented the firm’s business strategy, financial plans, key alliances, negotiation of important contracts and fundraising efforts. Aparna then ventured out to launch her independent practice in 2011 by forming ‘Changing Orbits’, with a focus on richer and deeper engagements with owners/managers of mid-sized companies; that are challenged with one or more issues, which are preventing them from fulfilling their aspiration for their company, and/or are unable to meet their stakeholder commitments. Aparna works actively with the management of such companies, over a period of 12-24 months, including working on-site with the client’s management teams to resolve their business challenges, enhance the business model, identify lacunae in the processes and get the company back on track. She also re-orients companies to focus and persue organic and in-organic expansion in geographies outside India.