Apurva Ashar

Apurva Ashar is the Executive Director at Cygnet Infotech and the visionary behind ePUB-Hub – A Technology Enabling Solution for Digital Publishing of which, e-shabda.com is a flagship implementation. Rightful eBook downloads with a strict policy on authors and publishers receiving their royalties are the two of the biggest pillars of foundation of this Gujarati eBook Publishing platform. An industry veteran with more than twenty-five years of experience in computer aided printing and publishing industry, Apurva has led the ePUB-Hub team to nurture a robust Digital Rights Management solution under his leadership. ePUB-Hub offers two kinds of DRM Solutions - one, powered by Adobe and the other developed at Cygnet Infotech by him and his team - based on the requirement of the security level, client’s portal and the budget.