Arpit Agarwal

Mr. Arpit Agarwal is the Director, Vice President of JECRC Foundation. He is an intelligent entrepreneur well-versed in professional education. He has been providing a platform for quality education to the 21st century’s young and curious learners since two decades in various verticals. He looks forward to building a better world with an asset of more than 10,000 students through the innovative citadel of higher learning. He has a sound understanding of business strategy, implementation and marketing coupled with an excellent entrepreneur aptitude. He aims to achieve the mission through the JECRC Foundation, which is among the premier institutes of Northern India. Being an Entrepreneur and a keen education enthusiast, he is always keen on trying new ideas and encourage students to think big and bring the best out of them and make them quality professionals. With the strong belief in this genuine discipline and sticking to one’s own principles, he wishes to help in taking the students, and inevitably the JECRC Foundation, to new heights. With in-depth analysis and a keen understanding of the education industry, he knows what the students look for and where the education system is heading. A tectonic shift in the education sector was long overdue, Mr Arpit has started churning the wheels towards the right direction.