Arpit Chhabra

Arpit Chhabra is the Co-Founder & CEO of IoTfy, a #MakeinIndia IoT & AI cloud suite that super powers consumer durable brands to add IoT capabilities to their device categories. Driven by its Chip to Cloud IoT ecosystem, IoTfy makes appliances responsive to Apps and Voice Commands, and is helping consumer durable giants in optimizing the compelling demand for smart appliances. Arpit who is a serial entrepreneur comes with hands-on experience in the Appliance and Consumer Electronics space. In his current role at IoTfy, he wears multiple hats that include his deep involvement in Product Design and Development, Technology, as well as Business Strategy and Development. Since the launch of his brainchild IoTfy, Arpit has worked extensively with multiple renowned companies from across the world, to help them adopt IoT capabilities in their respective product categories. Arpit co-founded IoTfy in 2017, along with 3 other co-founders Sushant Taneja, Shashank Saxena and Shivam Dikshit. What started as a weekend passion project for them a few years ago, wherein they conducted developmental hackathons, IoTfy is today India’s first and only IoT & AI cloud suite. It enables leading consumer durable brands integrate IoT capabilities across 17 categories including air-conditioners, fans, switches, lights, Chimneys, Inverters, Washing Machines, plugs, Door Locks, air-purifiers, among the others. Owing to his entrepreneurial spirit and inherent acumen for tech-businesses, Arpit earlier founded 4 other start-ups including Sagacious Research, Sparrow Devices, Ad Box, and Mishtag, and managed to successfully exit two of them.