Ashish Mehta

Ashish is the Co-Founder and is spearheading the operations at DigitX. Building on the idea of DigitX, he believes, Crypto as an alternative asset class, which promises to bring in a lot of efficiencies, positive disruption, scalability backed by a very efficient technology backbone. Going by the vision of transparency and security, DigitX aim to deliver with Platform Par Excellence and unique features like being the first B2B cryptocurrency exchange in India. DigitX works with a network of trusted links (commonly referred as brokers), to bring about a much-needed trust and confidence for the investors of Cryptocurrency with a vision to a dependable link between the traditional and future financial economy.   Ashish Mehta is credited with founding many Startups in the field of trading, real estate and hospitality sector namely Blanco, Bombay Cocktail Bar, Oheka and February 30, Nine Globe Group. Hailing from a traditional business family, in his over 19 years of experience he worked in various functions of the business including material procurement, prototypes, production and marketing. Ashish is a graduate from Sydenham College and post-graduate in management from Wigan and Leigh College (UK). Ashish is married and his wife is a Jewellery technologist & an ardent aerial silk artist. They both have a 11 year old daughter.