L. Badri Narayanan

Badri routinely advises our corporate clients, financial institutions and Corporations across a broad range of contentious situations, in both a representative and advisory capacity, from internal or regulatory investigations, through to formal court or arbitral proceedings. Badri has particular interest and experience in cross-border investment and tax laws. He has been advising several companies on a variety of issues such as consortiums and joint ventures, valuation, secondment, royalties and license fee arrangements, contract manufacturing scenarios, software as a service offering, and outsourcing. He has worked with clients from a wide range of industries including several technology and services companies. In the area of E-commerce and software, Badri has handled several issues including protection of software and business methods in India, shrink-wrap and click-wrap contracts, new business models for distribution of software and services, open source software, transfer pricing and custom valuation studies.