Balaji Kandregula

Balaji Kandregula is the Director Products and Solutions at MSRcosmos. With 15+ years of diversified experience in the areas of designing and deploying IT enabled solutions for numerous clients across the world, Mr. Balaji has demonstrated expertise in data sciences, power BI dashboards, blockchain, and data analytics to name a few. With extensive experience having on multiple assignments in the industry. He was also a part of Tata Consulting Services. Mr. Balaji is an Oracle certified Java Developer and Microsoft certified Professional with experience of working with Tata Consultancy Services before taking up assignment with MSRcosmos. His primary objective is to enable asset digitization and digital transformation across the value chain. He has always been a self-motivated professional and excels in a fast-paced work environment. As a key leader for MSRcosmos, since a decade he contributed immensely, in terms of building core product portfolio, leveraging competitive advantage of solutions and services. From managing all parts of the product lifecycle from planning to launch, to collaborating with end customers, acadamia, external stakeholders, he was quite successful in terms of deploying strategies, he has done it all. He envisions the company as the pioneering digital transformation journey by providing technology enabled solutions to accelerate value chain and revenue growth. The company focuses on delivering success with their innovative products and top-class services. With his innovation towards new technologies, driving towards solutions and perseverance, he is sure to turn his vision into reality.