Bharat Malu

Bharat Malu is a Director at Chymey. With an advanced degree from S P Jain, Bharat also has a specialized learning qualification from LSE on International Business and IT Innovations. At Chymey, the young entrepreneur leads all product innovation. Ironically, he had never developed a liking for the brew till he chanced upon a unique blend - Kashmiri Kahwa with Saffron at a tea estate. It was love at first sight. He delved into the world of teas and went on an exploration across tea estates looking for blends beyond black, green and milky brown. He was so taken in by it and wondered why tea was looked at and revered in a very narrow spectrum. His mission was clear – re-introduce and re-imagine tea as we know it. Hence … Chymey. Bharat spends his time obsessing about blends at his tasting lab in Nagpur when he is not out on an exploratory mission at a tea estate. He leads the innovation team at Chymey and is a certified tea specialist and a tea professional from the World Tea Academy, In between these two obsessions, he does find the time to paint. He has also recently taken up the flute and is hitting the right notes.