Bibhuti Dash

Bibhuti Dash is the founder and CEO of Louoj, the world’s 1st bespoke marketplace for designers, boutiques, tailors, fabric manufacturers/suppliers as well as buyers. It constitutes all the essential features, right from customized clothing design on 3D view, easy order management with ERP, sharing and confirming orders through WhatsApp by a 3D engine, to access to a larger market beyond the local ecosystem and virtual QR fabric sample book. All this and more eventually creates a bespoke marketplace for designers, tailors, boutiques, and factories. His scope of work at Louoj includes myriad authoritative business operations, ranging from representing the firm to stakeholders, acting as an ambassador for the organization; reviewing outcomes and metrics created for evaluating impact and regularly measuring its performance and effectiveness using those metrics; approving annual budget, audit reports, and material business decisions; meeting all legal and fiduciary responsibilities; to taking on special assignments, overseeing the firm’s financial performance, investments, ventures and more. Bibhuti’s unique array of skills includes substantial years of experience in the IT industry. Subsequent to completing his course in web designing, he started working on several film editing, product development and 3D designing software. Later in his professional journey, he continued his freelancing work, which incorporated 3D designing, website and software development. Gaining valuable experience in the eponymous fields has helped him in his vision of combining all three — 3D designing, website and software development — to create a unique product that can solve a varied number of problems faced in the bespoke clothing industry. He holds the idea of “the key to successful leadership is influence, not authority” as his ideal and believes that smooth and coordinated teamwork is what makes an organization successful in the present day. As for his interests, the adept leader likes keeping abreast of all the digital transformations and scientific advancements. He also enjoys traveling to exotic locations, cooking and reading books in his leisure time.