Aditi Chandak

Aditi Chandak was raised in Calcutta and currently resides in Bangalore. She’s a Chartered Accountant during the day to pay the bills, but the rest of her hours are spent writing, reading, sketching and travelling. After securing a rank in her CA finals, she chose to appear for the nation-wide Civil Services examination to quench her thirst for learning and to contribute towards making a positive change in the society.

As a youth, she wrote for various school publications, reported events, wrote opinion pieces, conducted interviews and penned short stories for Times NIE, the TOI student edition. After graduating, she gained great experience of the writing world working as a research assistant for a UK-based bestselling writer and international speaker. Her professional articles have been published on and other professional magazines. She moved on to blogging and has continued for over 6 years successfully, first on Blogspot and then Wordpress. Aditi currently blogs at 'Inking The Thinking'.