Chetan Jha

Born in Bombay, lived and travelled across the globe - Chetan always wanted to experience the world beyond the confines of comfort, and so has experienced cultures across a few continents and cities in his life so far over the past few decades. London always having felt ‘home’ since his early childhood and 20s spent there; so it was in 2012 he decided to once again return back. He is an entrepreneur in the creative/tech/digital UK scenario where he co-founded Elixir Holistic Consulting, bringing a world of experience and wisdom to everything he does.

A team office in Mumbai is also part of Elixir. His hands on style of management brings value, integrity and a level of trust with panache to the highly competitive digital industry that Elixir is in. Living life with awareness and responsibility- it's all about relationships and a sense of purpose beyond him, that makes Chetan get up and go in the mornings.. When he is not busy working, he loves to travel, he loves to cook with inspirations from across the globe and finds the time to surf in some beautiful oceans....