da sachin sharma

I am Creative Head, Marcom Agency at A&A Business Consulting. With wide experience in the field of advertisement, brand building, content creation there is always a quest to do more. I’m an IDEO Certified Design Thinker.

I co-founded DaKaizen Solutions, an interactive agency and spearheaded its creative division from 2009-2017 before taking up Marketing Business assignment at A&A Business Consulting.  I have created communication and branding solutions for reputed brands such as Starbucks, Laughing Colours, Culture Machines, Happy Socks and Reliance Life Insurance, amongst others. My key area of expertise are Brand Strategy, Design thinking, content production and digital advertisement.

In one of my previous stints with Shemaroo Entertainment, I was managing content production and delivery for the new media division of the company. In my current role at A&A, I provide strategic branding and digital solutions to small and medium enterprises & Startups. This role has helped me understand small business branding challenges and develop unique solutions that work for them. I pride myself of being good at coming up with unique names, a distinction that has enabled me to name 7 babies and 25 brands.

Over fourteen years of experience in leading a team, helping them weave an effective web of solutions in content marketing, brand communication and advertising. Also, consulting clients on new market developments and technology helping them keep the pace with the changing business environments.