Devarajan Mukkai

Devarajan Mukkai is the Chief Development & Delivery officer at Forsys Inc, a global technology firm, specializing in Cloud and Analytics, SCM, ERP Financials, Customer Experience and Relationship Management, Quote-to-cash and Data Migration. Forsys's clients range from mid-size companies to Fortune 500 brands.

Devarajan is passionate about Technology, IT Delivery strategies & frameworks and People Advocacy. He has been in the trenches and led from the front for over 20 years. Devarajan works with teams, to lead the clients they partner with, to new heights. Devarajan likes getting people excited about the things he is excited about. And right now, that is everything in tech methodologies and frameworks!

Outside of work, Devarajan is an endurance cyclist, ukulelist and percussionist. His passion for tech is only rivaled by his passion for cycling & music.