Dr. Anshu Sharma

Dr Anshu, the Co-Founder of SEEDS, comes with over 25 years of rich experience with focus on post-disaster reconstruction programmes and pre-disaster educational activities. Globally, he has worked extensively across 12 countries in disaster response, coordinating community-based action projects, training practitioners, coordinating inter-agency efforts, conducting research, advocating governments and international agencies, and evaluating programmes. He has been an advisor and consultant to numerous government and non-government missions, helping them implement and evaluate their programmes, from UN agencies and the World Bank to the European Commission and the Government of India. Dr Anshu regularly works with local community based organisations towards their capacity building. He is currently also engaged in establishing a disaster preparedness innovations lab in Bangladesh. He has co-edited books on Indigenous Knowledge and Disaster Risk Reduction: From Practice to Policy (Nova, 2009), Urban Risk Reduction: An Asian Perspective (Emerald, 2009) and Climate and Disaster Resilience in Cities (Emerald, 2011). He has also co-edited the IFRC World Disaster Report 2016, and authored a chapter on Urban Resilience for the UNESCAP Asia Pacific Disaster Report 2017.