gaurav singh

Hi I am Gaurav Singh. I am passionate about building things. I have always been fond of fitness and have my own little startup, yeah it's little only, the name is weworkout

From the very early part of my life, I have tried my hand at various things, like when I was in college I used to make reports of my seniors using latex software, well this was a complex software and not everybody got a good hand over it, but I made a good amount of cash out of it.

Then time flew, and my thoughts would not remain quiet and needed to be expressed and hence I started a facebook page called QuietlyQuoted

Well all the thoughts on QuietlyQuoted are my original work, so enjoy reading them, but don't use them without my permission, I am just kidding, don't use them without my permission.

As I said in the beginning, I am passionate about building things, and when I was preparing for my competitive exams like AFCAT, SNAP, CAT RAT etc, no RAT is not an exam,

it was just a joke. So, when I was preparing for exams, I built a website on wordpress, where I could keep all my work research organized and officerprepares was born.

Now, I am currently working on my startup WeWorkout and will launch it someday soon, in all this I forgot to tell you one thing, I am a very good speaker, no matter the size of the audience, i just love to do public speaking.

Well, I think I have boasted enough about myself, but I strongly believe, that if you don't boast about yourself, why will others?

If you want to connect, write to me at and we can see how it goes, till next time, love yourself and others too.

Gaurav Singh

Always hustling