Gautam Kumar

Gautam Kumar, an entrepreneur with a diverse and rich background in the hospitality domain, has always been known for his expertise and enthusiasm towards his work. Curating trend-setting projects in India, he has been reflecting his prowess in the field of hospitality since 2006. Rendering his expertise and providing solutions from scratch, along with formulating and executing business strategies has been Gautam’s strongest of suits.  His journey from being a Corporate Food & Beverage Head for a hospitality company to becoming the Founder of Keystone Solutions is full of success stories and anecdotes.   Gautam made his debut in the industry with The China Kitchen at Hyatt as part of the pre-opening team of the projects. He witnessed various projects transitioning from the drawing board into reality like Doubletree Hilton Gurgaon and restaurants at DLF Emporio. His stint there made him realize that the contractors in India do not understand the problems of the operators, as they need to be handheld at every step of execution. This gap in the understanding resulted in the loss of crucial time, thus leading to a delay in the project timelines. Gautam learned the nuances of turnkey contracting from the best in business and has been implementing those in his domain ever since. He partnered with Mr. Sanjay Dabra to launch Keystone Solutions a boutique turnkey contracting firm, which is a robust blend of Gautam's unique ideas and Sanjay's experience to provide a vast range of solutions in India. Learning the nitty-gritty of the business and mastering the art of success, he has paved his own path towards Keystone Solutions.    Gautam believes in the ideology of how every project has a certain aesthetic sensibility, which reflects its energy and thus defines it in a unique way. Working closely with the brand owners and blending contemporary with class, while sharing his understanding of the place, he awakens the soul of a project. Focusing on the things that often other turnkey experts miss out on, Gautam has always been known to have an eye for detail and stepping up as one for the solvers who filled the gap in implementation, making his endeavors and final solutions match the clients’ expectations.   Gautam's extensive experience in the field, coupled with his zealous attitude towards crafting perfection, is what makes him stand apart from the rest. Bridging the gap in project execution, at every step, he guides his team of architects and engineers about the customer's vision, thus becoming the most sought after knowledge partner. Gautam invests his energy in carefully scanning for any hindrance and preventing it beforehand while enhancing the creative quotient and aesthetics of the place.   His long-term plan is to diversify Keystone Solutions and establish it as a leading name in infrastructure, construction, and interior design to cater to multiple market segments. He also wishes to make it socially responsible with a financial worth of 500 crores. At Keystone Solutions, he continuously wants to improve the lives of partners, team, and community and slowly become the best places to work for or to work with. He also aims to gradually empower and educate the associates with the best tools and skills available in the business.