Genesh Kuriakose

A passionate brand management consultant and trainer with a career spanning more than 13 years crossing entry level, middle management and senior management in healthcare industry. He has an unquenchable thirst for acquiring knowledge and an innate curiosity to learn and know anything that's new. That explains the domain expertise he has in brand management and the creative and innovative ways in which he is exploring and charting at the same time his path and that is more than just career. What is more, he is generous in sharing what he has and what he knows. That makes him a very fine human being. He is always restless with innumerable improvisations; his presentations depict a reason, purpose and a result in a simple manner. His in-depth understanding and analysis always provide a solution instantly. He launched/managed brands like Dilex, Sizopride, Enoxel, Vit D Cal, Adbona, Cissbona, Platwin, X-Roz, etc. He has advised and developed business in Asia-Pac regions. He is one of the brand mangers mentored by Mr. Subba Rao Chaganti, Mr. Porous Antia and Mrs. Rekha Pragath, who are the veterans in pharmaceutical brand management.