Guncha Khare

Guncha Khare is the Culture Director at Dextrus Workspace. Creating the right work environment at Dextrus goes far beyond its beautifully appointed interiors — here leveraging a diverse member community to promote the exchange of knowledge is considered absolutely vital. Creating a customer experience par excellence at Dextrus Workspace is Culture Director, Guncha Khare. From streamlining work processes, to employee development, Guncha brings a fresh perspective to collaborative branding, marketing and strategy. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media from SK Somaiya College, Guncha worked with a handful of media houses. Having created content for television channels including NDTV and Doordarshan, she received kudos for her contribution as curator and producer of the award-winning current affairs chat show Swadesh — which aired over 150 episodes on Zee Business.Developing documentary features on the lives of eminent artists and entrepreneurs like Adi Godrej, Ramesh Ramanathan, Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Javed Akhtar, Krishen Khanna, Jehangir Sabavala, Narayana Murthy and Sudha Murthy inspired Guncha to consider a shift into the entrepreneurial world. Post pursuing a Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship from NMIMS University, Guncha worked for various social organisations including Population First; creating campaigns to fight against female foeticide. Based on her experience and interest, she joined Bombay Connect (previously known as Bombay HUB) as a Co Director , which was amongst India’s earliest co-working spaces. Her role was to lead community engagement, fundraising, partnerships and event properties. Guncha has also curated experiences like TEDxMasala and Huddle, besides engaging platforms specific to healthcare, wellness, legal and start-up communities. At Dextrus, Guncha works towards maintaining the perfect balance between ‘we’ and ‘me’ for all clients, so that their co-working community can blossom and grow to greater heights together. Since the time she has come on board, Dextrus has hosted some engaging conversations, for e.g, A talk by Mr P. Sainath on Agricultural Distress in India, a panel on sustainable travel, a session on how brands can target women consumers and more.