Hardik Lashkari

Founder, Content Flavour | Turning businesses and people into ONLINE BRANDS | Bestselling Author

Hardik is the founder of Content Flavour, a comprehensive content and copywriting agency that enables individuals and companies to become thought leaders in their respective industries. He is a writer, marketer, and LinkedIn personal branding consultant. Hardik is co-authoring “The Growth Hacking Book 2”, where 100+ experts from 20 countries will share trailblazing secrets from over 70 elements of marketing.

Hardik is regularly invited on various podcasts, Instagram & YouTube Live sessions, summits and seminars to share his life journey and professional tips on content writing, copywriting, LinkedIn, personal branding, etc.

With 45000+ followers on LinkedIn, Hardik ranks in the top 1% in the “Writing and Editing” industry as per LinkedIn Social Selling Index. Hardik has been featured in reputed publications like BBN Times, Youth Ki Awaaz, Inc42 and YourStory. He regularly contributes articles to various publications, magazines, and reputed blogs.

He idealises MS Dhoni and can be found binge watching cricket matches when not working.