Hari Subramaniam

Having overcome cancer three times, Hari Subramaniam's story is an encouraging example of tenacity and willpower. Despite not having a background in healthcare, he has succeeded in the field as the owner of 19 Ventures. Hari is an experienced entrepreneur and the founder of several successful startups. He possesses a strong business acumen and is currently dedicated to introducing high-quality, technology-driven solutions to various industries in our country, spanning agriculture, defense technologies, and healthcare. In his role at LifeSigns, Hari plays a crucial part in strengthening the leadership team, establishing strategic partnerships, and fostering business relationships that enable to deliver the value proposition and drive significant market disruption. Hari's determination to close the crucial gaps in patient monitoring originated from his profound enthusiasm to improve healthcare outcomes. Under his motivating direction, LifeSigns aims to empower healthcare providers and patients by providing trustworthy and easily accessible remote monitoring solutions. With experiences spanning 41 countries, Hari's global perspective enriches his mission. Through his inspirational TEDx talks and incredible journey, Hari has emerged as a figure of hope and inspiration for others facing hardship. His unshakable devotion to making a lasting influence on the health care sector is reflected in his vision for LifeSigns and his unflinching commitment to transforming patient monitoring in India. LifeSigns wireless wearable remote patient monitoring solution is poised to revolutionize patient care, promising improved healthcare outcomes and an enhanced quality of life.