Hesham Rehman

Hesham Rehman is the co-founder & CEO of Bitxoxo – India’s fastest growing bitcoin exchange company. He oversees the business development and brand management functions of the company. His expertise includes finance management, web development, team management, and market research. Despite being born into a family with strong business background, Hesham always harbored a passion to make his own mark in the corporate world. After completing his 12th grade education, Hesham self-trained for months before incepting his first venture – TechSuvidha in 2006 without any financial assistance, and served as its Founder & CEO for over a decade. The company provides services like web design, online marketing, and application development. Under his management, TechSuvidha served over 100 clients across the world, especially those based in gulf countries, and the US. During 2013-2016, Hesham began dealing in bitcoin trading on a peer to peer basis, and decided to pursue it further by incepting Bitxoxo in the beginning of 2016.